RefereeThe Singapore Paintball Series has been instrumental to the development and promotion of competitive paintball in Singapore and the Asia region. As the premier tournament paintball provider in Singapore, the Singapore Paintball Series provides the best paintball infrastructure for the sport in all our events. Complete with a refereeing body which is internationally recognized and a full time professional staff team to coordinate the development of the sport in Singapore, the Singapore Paintball Series is well adequate and ready to provide any form of knowledge consultation to individual, teams, field owners, industry partners and sponsors. As a growing sport in Singapore and the Asia region, the Singapore Paintball Series continues to constantly upgrade and develop its expertise for the sport of paintball.

If you are keen in attending any of the following courses, the Singapore Paintball Series does provide consultation services for individuals, teams and industry partners so as to further develop this sport that we all love.

1) SPS Referee Level 1 Certification Course

2) AsiaRef Level 1 Certification Course

3) Road to Competitive Paintball (Highly recommended for beginner players)

4) Basic paintball fundamental techniques

For event organizers and paintball field owners who are keen to organize your own paintball event in your premise, the Singapore Paintball Series provides the adequate expertise and consultation for your event.

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