1) Who are the Singapore Paintball Series (SPS)?

A: The SPS is organized by Extreme Sports LLP as a tool to promote paintball sport in Singapore. We pride ourselves as the Paintball Specialists in Singapore. With more than 15 years of combined experience in paintball teambuilding and sport, SPS aims to provide a competitive platform for all paintball enthusiasts from across the Asia region. Creating an awareness for the sport in Singapore, we aim to introduce this sport to many more.

2) Who can participate in Singapore Paintball Series (SPS)?

A: Anyone who is 14 years old and above. Participants who are between 14 – 17 years old will be required to seek parental consent before participation. This regulation is imposed by the Singapore Police Force and strictly regulated in Singapore.

3) My team is from overseas and we are keen to participate in the SPS. Can we join?

A: Yes, the SPS welcomes any overseas team to participate in our paintball tournament. However, as there is a strict regulation on the importation and exportation of paintball markers into Singapore, teams which are keen to participate in the SPS will need to register with complete registration payment at least 1 month in advance so that the SPS Organizing Committee and assist to apply for importation and exportation permit for your team. All paintball markers will have to be surrendered to the SPS Organizing Committee upon your arrival into Singapore and will only be handed over to you during tournament days. At the end of each event day, you will need to return your paintball marker to the organizer for safekeeping and storage. Your paintball markers will be handed over back to you upon your departure day.

Email your team’s interest to info@singaporepaintballseries.com and we will send you the necessary document for your paintball marker importation and exportation.

4) Is there a criteria to participation based on playing level?

A: The SPS is not a professional paintball league as such we do not permit the entry of professionally registered players. From 2013, all SPS participants are required to register via the American Paintball Players Association (APPA) registration system. Registration to the APPA is free. All SPS participants are required to register through APPA. More information can be found in www.paintball- players.org

5) Can I participate in the SPS if I do not have a team?

A: The format of the SPS requires team participation, if you do not belong to a team, you might want to visit visit a local paintball field to find out more about joining a paintball team. Otherwise, you may wish to send us an email at info@singaporepaintballseries.com and we will do our best to find you a team to play with.

6) I am a beginner of the sport but I would like to learn and pick up the game. Eventually, I would to take part in the SPS. Where can I learn how to play the game?

A: You can pick up the sport at Red Dynasty Paintball Park who is the Official Venue Sponsor of the SPS. Red Dynasty Paintball Park provides paintball sports coaching to individuals and teams who are keen to learn more about competitive paintball. You can also visit our affiliated paintball operators such as Paintball Alliance Pte Ltd or School of Paintball Pte Ltd (SOP) for your training needs.

Alternatively, you or your team can engage the services of our coaches and referees to expedite your learning of the sport.

7) Do I have to buy a player ID tag?

A: Yes, you will need to purchase a player ID tag from the organizers. The player ID tag not only allow the organizing staff to recognize you as a legitimate participant, it can also be kept as a participation souvenir. From 2011, all player ID tag will be full-season based, meaning you will only need to purchase a player ID tag for the entire season. Additional replacement fee of $21.40 will be incurred for ID tag replacements.

8) Is paintball a mainstream sport in Singapore?

A: Unlike sports with long history and tradition, paintball has only 30 years of history. Paintball is still in a infancy stage in terms of development in Singapore but Singapore based teams are already doing well in regional tournaments. The paintball community is also growing in mass by day. Unfortunately, paintball is not a mainstream sport in Singapore as there are little support from the governing authorities.

9) Is paintball a 'painful' game?

A: The feeling of pain can be subjective but paintballers who are involved in the sport understand that getting hit by paintballs is just part and parcel of the game. Paintball might not be suitable for the faint hearted.

10) Do I need to have my personal paintball gear before joining the SPS?

A: Yes, you will need to possess your own personal paintball gear before participating in the SPS. No paintball equipment will be provided except for paintball markers used in the Division 4 games. All markers used on event day belongs to the paintball fields as rentals. There is no individual possession of paintball markers in Singapore. It is illegal to possess a paintball marker in Singapore without a valid licence.

11) How much does a box of paintball cost in the SPS?

A: A box of 2000 paintballs cost from $95.00 to $105.00 (GST inclusive) in all SPS related events. No outside paintballs are allowed during the event. SPS will not hesistate to disqualify any player or team which violate this rule.

12) I am from a corporate company and I would like to support the local paintball scene. Where do I start?

A: SPS is always on a lookout for potential sponsors to join us in this adventure. We are open to all forms of sponsorship (cash and/or prizes) from corporate organization. For more information about sponsorship, please email our Sponsorship Manager, Mr. Travis at travis@singaporepaintballseries.com

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