As Singapore’s most recognised tournament series, the Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) was established in 2008 and offers a wide range of opportunities for any businesses to be involved in the sport of paintball. With the right combination of affiliation and a range of benefits provided by SPS, we will assist your paintball centre to grow with an increase in participation. Only with progressive growth in participation, can this sport continue to develop and grow. The SPS always held a strong belief on the formation of partnership with important stakeholders from the industry to develop progression for the sport. Only with your affiliation and support, can this sport prosper and achieve greater heights.

SPS Affiliation Fee for Paintball Centre – $300.00 per registered business with ACRA (annual fee)

*A copy of your ACRA business profile will have to be submitted for affiliation application.

As an affiliate paintball business with the Singapore Paintball Series, your organization will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. SPS will facilitate and approve the usage of the paintball markers which are stored in your paintball centre for all SPS related events. A distribution area will be established for your centre during these events to ensure smooth handling of paintball markers for your members. As a registered business, the SPS like all corporate organizations will be required to abide by rules and regulations governing paintball sport in Singapore. As an affiliate associate with the SPS, partners can provide necessary advice on the best practices in Singapore similar to sport governance by many sport associations and clubs.Paintball businesses which are not affiliated with the SPS will have to seek prior written approval from the organisers,  make their own separate arrangements with the governing authorities for the transfer of paintball markers for their members’ participation before the event and will not be allowed to distribute the paintball markers in the event premise. If no such prior approval and arrangement is sought and done, the provisions of rental paintball markers (mechanical or electronic) are available for the participants by the SPS.
  2. SPS will host a direct web link for your business which can be accessed by visitors of the SPS website who are keen to embark on the journey of competitive paintball.
  3. SPS will include the logos of our affiliated members in all print materials used for publicity such as banners, posters etc with the header: “Affiliate Member”. With these collaborative efforts, the SPS hopes to create a channel of publicity and branding for your business at our events.
  4. SPS Referees services will be available for hire for your paintball related events. The engagement of SPS Referees for your event will ensure professionalism in paintball refereeing and allow your business to focus on the full operation of your event activities.SPS Referees is a group of dedicated and well trained paintball referees who are well versed in paintball rules and regulations in Singapore and recogniesd by AsiaRefs, the official paintball refereeing body in Asia.
  5. SPS will assist to announce and publicize your paintball events on our Facebook page so as to reach out a wider base of players for your event from our database.
  6. Infrastructure support for your events.

With the largest database of paintball players, referees and vendors in Singapore, we believe that the SPS will be the best platform for your business.

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