1) Safety First

Key Points:

  1. Off the field
    – Safety button to be engaged
    – Barrel sock to be on at all times
  2. On the field
    – Mask to be on at all times
    – Listen to the referees command when to remove the barrel sock and disengage safety button

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2) Basic Rules and Common Mistakes

Key Points:

  1. Listen the the referees command
  2. Barrels to be touching the start bunker
  3. Know the start of game announcement
  4. Know where the boundary lines are
  5. Know the referee hand signals
  6. Don’t argue with the referee

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3) Speedball Fields

Key Points:

  1. Artificial turf
  2. Air bunkers

4) Playing Positions & Basic Strategy

Key Points:

  1. Common playing positions
    – Center / Mid
    – Snake Back
    – Snake
    – Dorito Back
    – Dorito

5) Bunkers And How To Play Them

Key Points:

  1. Types of bunkers
    – Maya temple
    – Temple
    – Snake
    – Dorito
    – Mini A
    – Big A
    – Can
    – Cake

6) First Three Paintball Equipment

Key Points:

  1. Mask
  2. Pods
  3. Paintball Harness

7) Dos And Don’ts

Key Points:

  1. Do not play on after being hit
  2. Do make sure there is a splat before calling yourself out
  3. Do call for paint check if hit in a spot where you can not see
  4. Do not cheat by wiping paint splat
  5. Do not have physical contact with other players
  6. Do move quickly to the nearest dead box when you are out
  7. Do stay in the dead box until referee calls game over

8) Communication

Key Points:

  1. The home player is the hub of communication
  2. Have code name to easily Identity bunkers on the field
  3. G count = number of eliminated opponents
  4. Remember to listen
  5. Remember to echo

9) Basic Drills 01

Key Points:

  1. Muscle memory (break out)
  2. Run and Gun
  3. Snap shooting

10) Sliding & Diving 

Key Points:

  1. Hip Sliding / baseball slide
  2. Diving


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