If your team is participating in the Singapore Paintball Series 2023, you need to apply for the following prior to your travel.

Failure to apply for the necessary licenses will result in violation of firearms regulations in Singapore. Your team will need to apply:

a) Possess License for every unit of paintball marker ($40.00 per marker) with the Singapore Police Force.

b) Import and Export License ($22.00 per license) to import and export paintball marker in and out of the country.

Moving forward, the Singapore Police Force has plan to revise the application process for foreign participants. However for 2023, all applications will have to be done in the form of manual submission to the Singapore Paintball Series. The Singapore Paintball Series will apply online on behalf of all participants to the Singapore Police Force. All related payments will have to be completed upon your team’s submission.

Download the below revised application form and submit to us before 25 August 2023.

Click here to access Import and Export Application (Updated 29 July 2023)

Before application, kindly confirm travel dates.

Step 1: Apply for Possess License
Step 2: Apply for Import License
Step 3: Apply for Export License
Step 4: Await for approval and print out document when approved as supporting document when travelling

All payment are made payable to the Singapore Police Force.

ATTENTION: It is advisable for the team to travel together on the same flight schedule to reduce the cost of import and export licence with a consolidated application. If players are travelling on different flight and/or from different arrival and departure location, the cost of import and export licence will be based on every consignment.

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