Paintball media forms an integral part of paintball promotion which is why the Singapore Paintball Series takes an active approach in providing a platform for our media partners to showcase their talent and skills on the field. We welcome all interested media partners to join us in our adventure to bring glory to the sport of paintball. Paintball teams or players who are keen to capture true memories and rare moments of their action in the field can contact our media partners for a media packages ranging from photos, videos and copywriting. All media partners are delicately chosen by the Singapore Paintball Series to bring the best of the paintball sport to the world. At Singapore Paintball Series, we believe that media support will allow paintball sport to to grow and nurture while gaining general acceptance by the masses. For more information on how you can be involved with Singapore Paintball Series, please email us at

Singapore Paintball Series Media Partners are as follow:

Winter Fly From Above

James Hii Photography

Winston Tjia Media

ShutterSpd Media

Zuraime.Y Photoworks

King Ang Images

SnakeRunner Films

DireWolf Images

Kelvin Ngui Photography

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