Book your 2019 dates with us as the Singapore Paintball Series brings you the best of Singapore and Asia paintball.

In 2019, we will adopt a change in the number of pods allowed for Open Division and Division 3 in which a player may carry up to 4 pods and 3 pods respectively. There will be no change to the number of pods allowed in Division 4 which is 2 pods.

After 2 years of introducing the SPS500, the SPS strongly believes that the newly introduced ruling in 2019 will allow teams to adopt a more flexible and strategic approach in their game plans thus allowing game variations making competitive paintball appealing to follow and spectate.

Our objective is to strike a fair and reasonable balance for players to compete at their highest level without feeling restrictions in any of their respective skill sets. Time period for all games will remain the same as 2018 for 2019.

2019 will add a different perspective to the SPS!

At the same time, do take note of our July events (13 & 14 July 2019) where we will organize a paintball extravaganza weekend to introduce a different twist to the game we love. There is definitely something for everyone where teams or players can mixed together to compete in the Masters, U23, S7s, 1vs1 and the AGPIC! More details to follow.

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