There are many different types of game format in paintball therefore it is important for all participants of Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) to comprehend the rules and regulations of the sport before competing. The SPS500  adopts the Asia Pacific Paintball Federation (APPBF) PALS General Rule Book 2015 and the SPS500-WBPO Rules and , which is the revised version of official rules and regulations for the World Cup Asia 2016 and the SPS500-WPBO Rules and Regulations. A most updated copy of the rules and regulations can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

SPS500-WPBO Rules and Regulation (Open Division, Division 3 and Division 4)

*It is advisable for all participants of the SPS to read through and understand the rules and regulations of competitive paintball before participation.

The Singapore Paintball Series is also a promoting partner of the AsiaRef body where certified paintball referees from across the region are invited to officiate in the Singapore event.

Teams who are new to paintball rules and regulations can request for the services of the SPS Referees to undergo a detailed explanation of the rules and regulations before any tournament fixtures. A fee of $10.00 per player will be charged for these consultation services provided by the SPS Referees. All proceeds will be directed to the SPS Referees funds which oversees the development and promotion of paintball refereeing in Singapore.

SPS Referees MPOC

SPS Referees, Lum Hui and Rudy “Junior” with the rest of the AsiaRefs from Malaysia.