SPS Rookie Challenge Series 2015 Event #1 saw 11 teams stepping forward into competitive paintball and competing for the champion title. Congratulations to all teams for taking their first step into an adrenaline-filled and fun road of competitive paintball! We hope to see you more at the field.

Our next event SPS 2015 Leg 1 is happening on 7&8 March 2015. We encourage everyone including the winning teams to take on a bigger challenge and step up to compete in SPS Division 4. SPS will be encouraging and awarding teams who win and are ranked 1st-8th in SPS Division 4 with medals.

Do check out AXMedia and Eye4you Photography as SPS Official Media partners for more amazing photos!!

Lastly we would like to thank all participants, referees, staff, photographers and supporters for being part of SPS Rookie Challenge Series 2015 Event #1. This event would not have been such a success without everyone’s cooperation and support. Thank you!

[videoembed type=”youtube” ratio=”sixteen_by_nine” url=”http://youtu.be/dFGs2Dqd6So” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”yes” loop=”no”]

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