9 teams from the Open Division and 4 teams from the Young Guns Division came together at OctoshotArena in KTM Resort (Batam, Indonesia) to compete in the inaugural SPS KTM Batam Invitational 2018 between 12-13 May 2018. This was the first ever speedball competition held in Batam and also the first time the Singapore Paintball Series is organising an event outside of Singapore. In partnership with the KTM Resort, this event was officially declared open with a grand spectacle of fireworks display. If there is a holy ground for Asia paintball, KTM Resort is definitely a paintball paradise.

Congratulations to Tanjong Pagar Red Sevens for clinching the inaugural Champion Title in the Open Division and congratulations to H-Five for clinching champions in the Young Guns Division.

Meeting our pre-determine objectives, this event has created a humble sparkle within the Batam paintball scene with 3 Indonesian newspapers featuring the event. We hope that the Batam paintball community will continue to grow from strength to strength and produce high calibre teams and players who can do Asia paintball proud.

We would like to thank all participants, referees, staff, media for your generous contribution towards the success of this event. We truly appreciate your support.

Special thanks to:
Jimmy Koh – KTM Resort
Kelly Rudy Slater – @DireWolf Images
Fedo Dedo – Fedodedo Media
Azman Abdul Rahman – SnakeRunner Films
King Ang – King Ang Images

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Watch the entire event online on the YouTube SPS Webcast
Day 1 – https://youtu.be/V0qa_qm33fs
Day 2 – https://youtu.be/YyQzxUi1qXg

SPS KTM Final results 1 2 3

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