Thank you to all team captains and representatives for taking time off to attend the SPS Dialogue Session 2014. It was a fruitful event. We heard what the team captains/representatives, field owners, and referees had to say. We discussed and came up with ideas on how to bring SPS to the next level and we made some announcements for 2015.Here are some points to share with everyone.- SPS website will be revamped in 2015. The new website will house a community forum enabling the paintball community to share information and for new players to find them. We will also be creating teams page to feature all teams participating in SPS competitions so that players from each team can be featured.

– There will be no coaching on the pit side, except by the appointed coach. No coaching will be allowed by any individual in the players pits. This is to align ourselves with PALS rules and regulations.

– PALS SINGAPORE/ SPS 2015 Leg 2 will have 4 Divisional Categories: Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 and Division 4

– Teams participating in SPS 2015 Leg 1 and 3 will accumulate SPS ranking points.

– Teams participating in PALS SINGAPORE/ SPS 2015 Leg 2 will accumulate PALS and SPS ranking points

– Division 3 teams can register up to only 2 D2 players or D1 player whose playing records is not exclusive to only the APPA records.

– Players who have played in D3 and above events will not be allowed to participate in D4 events.

– Open Division, D3 and D4 teams will be able to roster up to 9, 8 and 7 players respectively.

Do seek clarification from your team captains/representatives if you do not understand any of the above. We will take all comments and suggestions into consideration.

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