PALS Singapore, in partnership with Gelkaps, is supporting sports promotion and PALS Singapore teams* (international and local) with BIG DISCOUNTS on paint!! For teams who complete their registration fully (APPA-registered and payment completed) before the Early Bird Registration deadline (24 April 2016), you will be eligible for a Early Bird Paint Pre-Purchase Special Deal!! Pre-buy 6 boxes, Get 1 box FREE! If you pre-buy 11 boxes, the deal becomes even sweeter with 2 boxes FREE!! Special Deal is limited to 50 free boxes only! All teams in all divisions who have completed their registration before 24 April are eligible for this deal.

1. The team must have registered itself on APPA for PALS Singapore event by 24 April 2016.
2. Team roster in APPA is not required till final closing date of registration.
3. Payment for team registration (excluding player and crew registration/tag) must be completed by 24 April 2016.
4. No reservation of boxes, no reservation of slots and no reservation of deal accepted.
5. No partial payment, refund or extension of deadline permitted.
6. Pre-purchase deal is only confirmed upon full payment of paintballs ordered.
7. For every 6 boxes of paintballs, the eligible team gets 1 box free.
8. For every 11 boxes of paintballs, the eligible team gets 2 boxes free.
9. Each box of Ignite paint is worth SGD$80.
10. Payment by wire transfer (payee pays for wire transfer fees), Internet Banking Transfer (for local transfers) or cash.
11. Collection of paint must be done on Day 1 of the event at one go.
12. The event organisers reserve all rights to add, amend, delete any part of the terms and conditions or mechanics of the deal in a manner deemed as necessary and fair when required through written or verbal notification with the parties involved.

Orders can only be done through email. Please send us your purchase order with the following details at and

Subject Title of Email: Pre-Purchase of Ignite Paint by Team XYZ
Email Body:
(A) Team Name – .
(B) I would like to pre-purchase PALS Singapore-Gelkaps Special Deal –
(1) 6 boxes of Ignite paint and get 1 free (state quantity of sets to pre-purchase: 1 / 2 / 3 )
(2) 11 boxes of Ignite paint and get 2 boxes free (state quantity of sets to pre-purchase: 1 / 2 / 3 )
(C) I would like to pay by –
(1) wire transfer (payee pays for all wire transfer fees), or,
(2) Internet Banking Transfer (IBT), or
(3) cash.

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