Congratulations to all podium finishers of SPS 500 Series.

We would like to thank everyone who have participated in the inaugural SPS500 game format. Newly introduced this year, the SPS 500 Series was an adoption of the M500 from the Millennium Series which is gaining popularity in the European paintball circuit.

The SPS500 format allows teams to compete in a more affordable and innovative game system so as to support the developmental growth for the sport. For SPS500 Series Event 2, we are extremely delighted to have a FULLHOUSE participation across all participating Divisions. There are plans to restructure the SPS500 format games into a full fledged tournament with limited team spots for 2017 which is only unique to Singapore. As SPS continue to innovate paintball sports, it is imperative for everyone to provide us with suggestions and feedback for consistent growth.

On behalf of the SPS team we thank all players, referees, crew members and supporters for your support as we continue to be Progressive, Professional and Passionate.

Special Thanks to:

Media Partners – ZUL Photography, SnakeRunner Films, Aerial Sharks and PBImpact.Asia

Brand Sponsor – Exalt Paintball

And not forgetting all SPS staff for your dedication and committment in organizing a successful paintball event. The event will not have been such a success without all your AWESOME support!

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