Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) will not be what it is today if not for everyone’s support and contribution.

From a novice 3on3 competition using mechanical Tippmann A5 markers with 7 participating teams in 2008 to a three divisional international tournament with participants from Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Guam, Brunei, Taiwan, USA and Australia, the SPS has anchored and transformed itself into one of the most recognized paintball brands in Asia with high quality organization and playing infrastructure. This is the reason why SPS remains as the #1 most anticipated paintball events in Singapore!

As we continue to promote and develop paintball sport in Singapore, we are equally proud and humbled to have transformed this game over the years. Since establishment, our Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) Referees have also represented Singapore in many regional paintball tournaments and will continue to strengthen their knowledge in paintball sports officiating. SPS will also be sending 5 SPS Referees to the upcoming WCA 2015 as part of our continuous training and development.

2015 also witnessed a huge challenge for the SPS as we hosted our first international event, PALS Singapore. This tournament was a wish come true for many paintball enthusiasts and especially so for the many who has continue to support and believe in our developmental plans. We are glad to have received the strong support from the regional countries and manage to organize a successful major event for Asia paintball. As we move towards the end of 2015 calendar, we are also ready to launch the dates for all SPS 2016’s events. Newly introduced to the SPS is another sister event known as the SPS500 Series which will allow participants to enjoy paintball sport or be introduced to the sport in a more economical way.

SPS welcomes your feedback for improvement and change and will take serious deliberation to review any suggestions to progress the Series. Watch out for more changes in 2016! Book your calendar with us!

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