Singapore Paintball Series 2013 is open for registration! Participate in Singapore’s most¬†prestigious paintball event since 2007 and be crowned the Singapore title! With year 2013 marks several new SPS implementations for the new year! From the adoption of APPA (America Paintball Players Association) Ranking System to cheaper paint prices, SPS 2013 has constantly improve to become one of the most competitive paintball tournament in Asia! Widely recognized as the Nation’s most organized paintball tournament with developmental and promotional plans, paintball growth for Singapore can only start right here!

For more information about Singapore Paintball Series 2013, please download SPS 2013 Executive Summary (click).

SPS 2013 Executive Summary includes:

1) SPS 2013 Foreword by SPS Tournament Director, Ms. Jane Koh

2) Information about SPS

3) New implementations for SPS 2013

4) Calendar of events for SPS in 2013

5) SPS 2013 Tournament Information

To register for SPS 2013, please visit America Paintball Players Association (APPA) website, All players will be required to create their own unique player ID. Team Owners will create their team profile and add players into their roster for the event. All players are required to submit their ID photo for their Player ID tag.

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