Paintballers World in partnership with GI Sportz Paintball presents Damian Ryan Infamous in PALS Singapore.

Paintballers World is proud to have the grace of superstar, highness, supreme, invincible, unbeatable, professional player, Damian Ryan who will be in town during PALS Singapore to meet and greet with all PALS Singapore participants. He will also be sharing his knowledge with players when they walked the field with him on Day 0. If you need Damian to watch your games and get up close to your team strategies on a more personal basis, he will be more than glad to assist for a small token. With the change of the PALS ruling, Division 1 teams can also engage the service of Damian if they would like him to be featured as part of the team set up. As part of G.I Sportz, Damian will bring along a couple of Empire Vanquish for players to try out and speak to you about the ALL IN sponsorship program.

There’s a lot more things to do at PALS Singapore. Teams which are keen to engage the services of Damian, please get in touch with Paintballers World ( ( for more details.

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