The game of competitive paintball has evolved over the last 30 years and there have been many versions of the game being played across the world, each with its own uniqueness and supported by reasons why they should be. Ask anyone who has played competitive paintball before and they will have their own account and preferences to the game format, rate of fire, number of allowed pods, etc.

Having tried out numerous ways to reinvent the wheel over the last few years and our desired to make the game a levelled ground, we have decided to launch something new and exciting for the new year. This has never been done before in Asia and once again, we are taking the leap of faith into the unknown as an event organizer with the flair of a trail blazer. As 1vs1, 7vs7 and All-Female formats continue to attract a specific group of players who explicitly love the uniqueness of the game format, we have taken another step forward to make it all inclusive for everyone by introducing the Under-23 and Masters format to project the sport into specific age groups.

Gone are the days of not earning enough to practice or running slower than the new kid on the block. We want you to play at your own unique game level, your age. We understand that going way off the tangent against the norm might not be the best thing to do but hey, that’s evolution and humans have been at it for million of years thus we need your support in 2019!

All 5 events will be held over 12 – 14 July 2019 where players can compete in the different game formats over a weekend of paintball extravaganza!

More details to be released in 2019! Meanwhile, take a step back and start forming your team!


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