Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) is taking the lead to initiate a coaching syllabus for beginners to learn competitive paintball in Singapore. The SPS is looking for interested parties to join us in this paintball coaching pilot program. Interested parties will go undergo a series of meeting with the SPS Committee to devise and implement the paintball coaching program. The coaching certification will comprise of technical aspects of the game which include basic fundamentals and drills.

For competitive paintball to grow in Singapore, we identify the importance of establishing a coaching syllabus for the industry and for individuals who are keen to take up coaching assignment as a paintballcoach. As a pilot program for the sport, the SPS with a group of dedicated volunteers will devise a paintball coaching syllabus which will be used to coach beginner players participating in competitive paintball. The formula is to provide a uniformed and consistent training guide to new paintball teams which are keen to learn more about competitive paintball and to compete in local and overseas tournament. The SPS will be working with schools to establish paintball as an official CCA and to assign our coaches to the CCA and see the sport of paintball flourish at school level. The SPS Referees will also be roped in to further enhance a complete understanding to the game.

A coaching committee will be formed within the SPS to oversee the development and training of coaches. The committee will contribute towards drafting the coaching syllabus and to undergo the pilot program. Upon completion of the course, all participants will be officially certified by the SPS as SPS registered coaches and assign to coach local teams and schools interested to introduce paintball as a CCA for their students.

If you are interested to introduce paintball as a CCA sport in your school or interest group in your organization, please send an email to and we will contact you shortly.

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