ATTENTION to all female players:

Due to overwhelming requests by participants of the Asia Girls Paintball International Championship (AGPIC) 2018 and for better game scheduling for SPS500 Event 2, we have decided to change the date of the AGPIC 2018 to be on 4th August 2018 (Saturday) instead of 5th August 2018 (Sunday) as earlier published.

We hope that with this change, we will be able to see a bigger and better AGPIC 2018 with local and overseas interests! AGPIC in its second year running is the ONLY All-Female tournament in the Asia region and we are hoping to gather the best of all female players in Asia and from across the world to partake in this paintball extravaganza!

All games for this event will be shown LIVE via online webcast!

Please share this change with everyone. Thank you!
AGPIC 2018 2

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