1. SPS is Singapore’s first premier paintball tournament.
  2. SPS is recognized and affiliated to the Paintball Asia League Series (PALS), Thailand Official Paintball Circuit (TPOC), Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) and the Persatuan Paintball Kebangsaan Negera Brunei Darrussalam (PANTAS).
  3. Established in 2008 SPS has 6 years of paintball tournament experience.
  4. SPS attracts players from all over the world and it is the biggest paintball tournament in Singapore.
  5. SPS uses APPA, a paintball tournament registration and classification system trusted internationally.
  6. SPS organize paintball tournament in accordance to rules and regulations by the Paintball Asia League Series under Asia Pacific Paintball Federation (APPBF).
  7. SPS tournaments are officiated by certified Singapore Paintball Series Referees and AsiaRefs.
  8. SPS official venue is Red Dynasty Paintball Park which houses two international grade speedball fields topped with artificial turf and fine silica sand.
  9. SPS attracts quality sponsors and partners allowing our prizes to be for the top quality too.
  10. SPS is a modern and professionally run paintball tournament.
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