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When is it a best time to own a paintball marker in Singapore?

Home / Forums / New Player Help / Paintball regulations in Singapore / When is it a best time to own a paintball marker in Singapore?

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    Ben Seow

    We often get asked this question: “When is it the best time to buy a paintball marker in Singapore?”

    Let’s just say that there is never a perfect answer especially in Singapore and we will let you know why. Due to strict firearms regulations in Singapore, no one player can proudly declare his ownership or possession of a paintball marker. So seriously when is it the best time? Before answering this question, let us first ask ourselves the following questions:

    1) When do you need this paintball marker?
    2) When is your next paintball tournament?
    3) Will getting this marker increase your game experience?
    4) Do you have the means to get one? And by that we mean money… do you have to suffer the repercussion of getting a paintball marker?

    If your answer to getting a marker is ASAP… then why wait? It is like asking when are you going to have your dinner? If you need to eat, you eat… there is never a best time to eat. If you are hungry, you eat. And if you need to fill that hunger, then eat earlier. If you can go hungry for a while then don’t eat and skip meals. Simple. Don’t get us wrong, we are not inventing rocket science here… but in Singapore, getting a paintball marker is not as easy as going to 7 Eleven to buy a drink. In Singapore, there are necessary approvals and licences to be approved by the police and these processes can take months. Unfortunately, this is regulated and regardless of whether we like it or not, we will have to go through them if you are intending to shoot with a tagged paintball marker in Singapore. Perhaps, the only consolation that we can get out of this is to be able to start playing some action paintball and shoot players out of the field early than expected.

    With the availability of paintball competitions in Singapore, there is no shortage of opportunity to put the marker to test. Be selective in events or play as many as you like without the need to worry about not having a marker to train and compete. With the marker, you will also improve in both game experiences and skill set. You are now more careful with every step that you take in the field. Every shot is now critical and if not important for you to survive in the game. Unknowingly, your game will take a big leap in improvement. All that glitter is not gold… there are certainly things to consider when getting a marker. The world has its good and bad side, it is extremely important to know the yin and yang, the positive and the negative, the silly and the smart… you know what we mean. Getting a paintball marker can possibly mean digging a grave for yourself when you are not ready to commit. There are other factors to consider, for example, are you ready to shoot more paints now? Are you ready to spend on accessories such as a quality tank and loader to complement the marker? Do you have team mates to play with? Can you make time to practice now that you have a quality marker? Most importantly, do you still have money to play?

    Lastly, hope this quote will help you in making that decision: “When you want something, you will find a way to have it. If you don’t want it bad enough, you will find excuses”

    Happy balling!

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