SPS Organizing Committee

The SPS committee is committed to organize the biggest paintball event for the Singapore paintball community. The SPS has the latest paintball infrastructures, resources and expertises in organizing a successful paintball event. The success of the SPS would not have been possible without a dedicated team with everlasting effort in developing the tournament. The SPS was not borne overnight and hours of overnight meetings and lengthy discussions have taken placed to make sure the best paintball event is showcased to the public. On behalf of the SPS organizing committee, we would like to thank every teams, players, vendors, spectators, sponsors for allowing us to bring you Singapore’s oldest paintball series the Singapore Paintball Series! Your support in our event is greatly appreciated.

If you are keen to be part of SPS Organizing Committee, please email to info@singaporepaintballseries.com

Ms. Jane Koh – SPS Founder/ SPS Tournament Director | jane@weplaypaintball.com

Jane Koh started her paintball career in 2006 as a founding member of the Red Sevens paintball team in Singapore. With more than 10 years of sports development experiences in the local sport fraternity and more than 15 years as an avid sportswoman, Jane is one of the most recognizable faces in the area of sport administration. In 2003, Jane represented Singapore in the 22nd South East Asia (SEA) Games in Hanoi, Vietnam for women soccer and played in the position as a goalkeeper. During her university days, Jane represented the NUS women soccer team as a first choice goalkeeper and won many achievements for the institution. Her career in sports  saw her managing a group of sports development officers in Republic Polytechnic from 2002 – 2006. During her stint with the institution, she was the appointed as the Chairperson for the Institute Varsity Polytechnic (IVP) Games in 2005 where she led officers from all Singapore’s tertiary institutions in the organization sports competitions across all schools. Jane is also the founder and ex-President of the Paintball Association (Singapore) which was established to oversee development and promotion of paintball in Singapore. In 2013, Jane represented Asia when she participated in the Arena Moscow Paintball Girls Cup 2013 as part of the Asia All Star team which the team won the Division 2 Champion title against teams from Iran, UK, Norway, Germany and Russia.


Mr. Ben Seow – SPS Founder/ SPS Tournament Promoter | info@singaporepaintballseries.com

Ben Seow assumed the position as a Sports Development Manager in Republic Polytechnic, Office of Student and Graduate Affairs. During his stint with the institution, Ben took up leading roles to organize many sporting events mainly for students and staff. One of the highlights in his career is to organize a world record breaking fund raising event by organizing a game of basketball for a continuous of 53 hours in aid of victims from the Aceh Tsunami in 2005. His interest towards class facilitation also saw him facilitating a Sports Psychology Sports Elective module under the School of Sports, Health and Leisure in 2005. Graduated with a Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of New South Wales, Benjamin facilitated several Year 1 core modules such as the Basic Science module and Basic Computing module. The Talent Identification Programme is one of the many initiatives introduced by Ben to recruit young sporting talents from secondary schools to the institution. In his free time, Ben enjoys playing basketball and has coaching accreditation from the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) with the Singapore Sports Council. In 2011, Ben became the first Singaporean to participate USA’s most successful paintball professional league, Paintball Sports Promotion (PSP) with Team Tyranny from the United States. Ben has travelled across the world to countries such as India, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and the USA for paintball events.

Mr. Muhamad Azhar Bin Abdullah – SPS Head Referee

Unknown and new to many in the local paintball community, Azhar is a Singapore referee who is also a certified paintball referee for the Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC). His referee stints include refereeing in the MPOC series, Kedah Sultan Cup in 2010, Paintball International India Open in 2011 and the World Cup Asia in 2010. With his passion in paintball refereeing, Azhar hopes to see the formation of a paintball community in Singapore. Appointed as the SPS Head Referee, Azhar will ensure that “law and order” for the SPS is in placed. In 2010, Azhar led a group of 5 SPS Referees from Singapore to officiate in Asia’s biggest paintball event, World Cup Asia 2010. Azhar is also a registered referee of the AsiaRefs and is working with the referee body to devise a refereeing syllabus for referee certification.


Mr. Junaidi Kalil – SPS Rules and Regulations Advisor/Ultimate Referee (Invited Guest)

Junaidi Khalil is the Ultimate Referee of the Malaysia Official Paintball Circuit (MPOC) and Head Marshal for the Asia’s most prestigious paintball event, the World Cup Asia since 2006. His vast experiences in paintball marshalling allow him to assume the role as a refereeing mentor in Malaysia and often conducts paintball referee courses across the Asia region. A avid promotor of paintball refereeing, Junaidi has travelled to many countries to assume marshalling roles in many tournaments. He was the first Asia paintball referee to have marshal in the Millenium Series and has won many accolades as the head referee for tournaments in Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan and Singapore. Junaidi also travels to regional countries to conduct refereeing courses so as to standardize the level of refereeing in the Asia region. Junaidi is also the course conductor for the AsiaRef Certification in Asia.

Mr. Damian Li – SPS Deputy Tournament Director

Damian Li has always been a leader in his life. A former Cadet Inspector for the National Police Cadet Corps, Damian understand the need for perfection in his leadership qualities. As part of the founding member of Red Dynasty Paintball Park, Damian assumes his role as a Operation Manager in which he deals with daily operation of the field and provides quality checks for all paintball equipment so as to ensure tip top satisfaction from the end user. His roles with the organization involves him conducting training for all new staff members and revising process and checks for the company. Damian has a Bachelor of Science (Sports and Exercise) Degree from Edith Cowan University and aims to put his sports science knowledge to the test in the industry of paintball. Damian took part in the 3rd Asia Paintball Invitational Tournament (APIT) held in Kao Hsiung, Taiwan as an overseas referee under the guidance of AsiaRef Manager, Mr. Junaidi. Damian’s expertise and knowledge in paintball and sports makes him a valuable asset of the SPS.

Mr. Vincent Tay – SPS Liaison and Public Relations (Local & International)

Vincent joined the SPS in 2012 holding the appointment as the SPS Head Logistics. Since then, Vincent has developed vast knowledge about competition paintball. While petite in physical attritributes, Vincent makes it up for his speed and agility. A basketball fanatic, Vincent is part of the Min Yi Basketball Club championship team which won the Singapore National Basketball League Division 1 title in 2012. A playmaker for his basketball team, Vincent puts his leadership to skills as he orchestra offensive and defensive strategies. Vincent also participates in competitive paintball as a member of the Red Sevens team in the Divsion 2 category. He has since travelled on numerous occassions to Thailand and Malaysia for the Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) and the Paintball Asia League (PALS) competitions.

Ms. Siti Nurhanizah Binte Rahim – SPS Tournament Secretariat

Siti’s first experience with the SPS started in 2011 during her first day of work when the SPS was held in Jurong Central Park. A tough lady in nature, Siti was a member of the touch rugby team during her school days. Always organized with a clear state of mind, Siti assumed the role as the SPS Tournament Secretariat where she will hold the responsibilty of fixtures and scoring tabulation. With her outgoing character, Siti is well liked by the local paintball community as many nicknamed her the “Encyclopedia” of paintball gears and apparels.

Mr. Idi Bakhtiar – SPS Referee Manager

As a key member of the SPS Referee, Idi hopes to share his knowledge and experience with players who are new to the game or individuals who are keen to take up paintball refereeing. In 2011, Idi was appointed as the SPS Referee Manager where he is in charge of refereeing assignment for the SPS Referees. With his experiences in refereeing, Idi is also a trainer for the SPS Referee Level Certification Course and has guided many players and referees to understand more about the rules and regulations to competitive paintball.

Mr. Travis Liauw – SPS Head Sponsorship | travis@singaporepaintballseries.com

Travis is graduated with a Degree from School of Business, Nanyang Technological University. Since tertiary school days, Travis was exposed to various form of sports marketing and advertising through sponsorship initiatives. His past experiences as the President of the Student Union was an acknowledgement of his leadership capabilities. With his nature and love for service learning, Travis oftens travel to overseas countries to provide his effort in community service learning to less fortunate countries through these overseas trips, Travis was able to embark on a venture in which he had to source for sponsorships in aid of the poorer community. Travis currently serves as the President of the Nanyang Business School (NBS) Service Learning Club and is involved in many service learning projects initiated by NBS. Under his efforts, the first SPS tournament has seen a total of 27 industry sponsors, amongst these are Citibank, 100 PLUS, Frolick, Timbuk2, Sanuk, Nivea For MEN, etc.

SPS is looking for student interns who are interested to assist the SPS in any possible ways from marketing, advertising, sponsorship, designing, media, etc. If you are keen to learn about paintball sports management and available for assignments of up to 3 months, we are keen to get you on board! Please email to info@singaporepaintballseries.com